Why America trusts us

Welcome! We are a finance broker company in the USA, making personal loans and other loan products easier for you. Get money faster with us by simply making an online application. We will find you a variety of loans and terms to prefer from.

Our team of responsible loan experts will handle all your financing needs - small or large, short or long-term. If you need money, tell us how much you need. We'll save you from the stress of a lengthy quest for a loan. Our job is to bring you attractive offers from the best and most reputed lenders. Your job is to choose the loan you find secure for you.

Our story

Money cannot buy happiness. However, it is the solution to many problems. Today, financial issues can devastate a person or a family. Not getting accurate financial support can run your business down to debt or bankruptcy. One may not control an emergency just because of the lack of money.

We noticed these factors and have seen the troubles of individuals and businesses for money in their day-to-day ventures. Therefore, we decided to start our services by looking at 'where money stands at the present time.'

By learning more about recent finances, we created a flexible and extensive service to get money the way you want. Through careful analysis of your finances with the most technical viewpoint, Zeolitefunds will find the loan that will work for you. You don't have to think much while borrowing.

How do we help you with a loan product?

Make your borrowing a memorable and happy factor with us. We always strive to offer you the best products at the most attractive rates. If you borrow money through us, you will indeed find it comfortable.

We offer quality loan comparison services. Suppose you are to take out one of the moving loans. We can help you compare different loan rates to find an affordable deal. We recommend using a loan calculator yourself to find out installment rates. However, we will help you in this process too.


Apply online:

Fill up a very easy application form online to start with your work. All you need to do is click on the application form, send your loan requirements, and we will bring all the loans for you.

Verify Your Income Details:

Send us your income statement and updated credit score for verification. We will run a check on your loan affordability only to send you the best loan products for you from well-known lenders.

Choose Your Loan:

You can review the loan terms and installment amounts to find the best loan offer for you. You may use a loan calculator or speak with us for more assistance.

We bring you the kind of loans that make sense for effective borrowing. You can get in touch with us anytime for that extra assistance. We are geared up to ‘lend’ you a helping hand.

A variety of loans with multiple options to choose from

Not all borrowers need the same kind of loan. Or they might need loans in variations. Luckily, we have all these types of loans today’s borrowers look for. From wedding loans to loans for your business, we have it all in store for you.


Instalment Loans

Need funding for the short term? Take out installment loans and repay your lender in easy monthly payments. There will be fixed interest rates.


Loans for Your Business

Whether you want to start a business or manage the cash flow / emergencies of your existing brand, business loans from our end can come to great use.


Debt Consolidation Loans

Solve debt immediately with custom debt consolidation loans. Use your income to take out money even in bad credit and no guarantor situations.


Loans for Home Improvement

We do find you special home improvement loans at low costs. You will also find these loans quick for urgent home repairs and maintenance projects.

How do we make any loan with bad credit easier?

For years, loans with poor credit have been the type of loans doubted by many. With us, bad credit loans come with simple borrowing conditions. These loans also help you to get funding faster.

  • We approve any loan based on your income statement. It helps you avoid a poor credit score in getting credit even if your score is low.
  • Our pick of lenders will do a soft credit check to skip the hard credit check process. A soft credit check means analyzing your finances to suggest only the best loan products.
  • Loans for people with bad credit often come with high-interest rates, which is not good news for low-salary or low-income borrowers. We brought multiple repayment plans to help the low-credit borrower take out money affordably.

Why would you choose to work with a Broker?

We have been a trustworthy loan broker company for a long time in the USA. Thanks to our advanced loan search and borrower support, we have gained a popular position. Working with a credit broker might get you more options than usual. You can use them to your benefit.

  • We use a whole-of-market approach to search all the lenders for the right loan you want.
  • We save you from the hassle of going through complicated loan deals, studying them, and finding out if they are the right choice for you.
  • Our professional experiences as a broker organization can offer better assistance than your individual efforts.
  • You can avoid loan sharks or fraudulent activities in the borrowing field.
  • Because of employing us to do your work, you save time and money.
  • You can make better and more effective lending decisions in the future if you work with us on a long-term basis.

We are here to help you with money and the financial products you need the most. Let us know your needs soon. You will have your back covered. That's our pledge to you.