Home repair loans up to $70000 for a maximum of 7 years

Are you going to buy an older home but want to renovate it according to your liking? Do you want to repair your existing property? It can be highly costly, and you can only manage better if you have proper financing as a backup. The average American spends around $50000 - $70000 to renovate their home. Therefore, the cost of home renovation usually demands too much from your savings or income.

There is nothing to worry about because you can look for the best home repair loans to finance your home improvement project. You do not need to look further, as Zeolitefunds will bring a variety of loans available for your purpose. These loans will be from the top loan providers, offering flexible repayment terms to match your requirements.

We arrange the most appropriate loans for home repairs like upgrading the bathroom or kitchen, necessary changes to the living room, home extension, and many more. We have a team of highly skilled loan specialists who are already communicating with top lenders. As a responsible loan broker, we have a straightforward procedure to post your loan query. Our recommended lenders will assure you fast and same-day approval on a home loan for repairs.


Our outstanding customer service makes sure you will receive the proper loan details and support you require to decide the best home renovation project. Enquire now, compare, and find the best deal to start making the changes you need to convert your home into the most astonishing living place.

What are the recommendations on loans for house repairs?

You have planned for home repairs but are confused. You may ask: do you need a major renovation to have a complete makeover of your home to be eligible for home repair loans and grants? The answer is no. However, it depends upon the home repair type you are looking for.

Most credit providers prefer to finance the project, which requires renovation at a higher level. It needs a higher amount, and lenders gain more interest on it to add to their own income. For example, you may not get approval on the larger construction loan if there is a need to paint only the living room.

The need to fix homes has been rising for the last couple of years in the USA. There are many reasons like people now having more time and money to spend on the renovation.

A variety of renovations have been done in recent times. Surprisingly, many people have opted for kitchen renovation. Some other people have applied for small home repairs like electrical and plumbing.

To erase all your confusion, Zeolitefunds explaining some possible renovation examples:

Reasons Possible renovation
The house is small and wants extra space for kids Home extension
Utensils are too old now, and drawers are not working well in the kitchen Kitchen repair
Bathroom tiles are losing their color, and you want to install new ones Bathroom renovation
Ugly-looking yellowish walls all over the home Fresh paint installation

How much does a renovation cost to avail of a loan?

As mentioned above, most Americans want to get a house repair loan to borrow around $50,000 to $70,000 to do the home improvement. Still, it is always better to analyze how much the actual cost will be for a particular type of renovation, including a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.


When it comes to the most preferred renovation, kitchen remodeling will arrive at the top of the list. How much it will cost? As per our research of the US loan marketplace, we have found that most individuals borrow between $30,000 and $55,000 to fund the new kitchen.

They spend the amount for the following improvements or installations:

  • Removing the current structure
  • Installing new kitchen cabinet and benchtop
  • Appliances and fixtures
  • Deconstruct kitchen walls and construct new ones
  • Electricity and plumbing


The next renovation will be of the bathroom as a priority. It will demand the cost of around $18,000 to $35,000 to be borrowed from a loan for house repairs, which can be used for following purposes:

  • Removing the current bathroom to construct a new one with a fresh design
  • Installing the latest flooring and wall tiles
  • Implying taps and vanity of latest designs
  • Purchasing and installing new mirrors

Living or dining space

Our recommended lenders are ready to fund around $10,000 to $20,000 to upgrade the living or dining space. The final loan amount will depend on your affordability. You can use that amount for the following purposes:

  • Updating room lights, power switches, and buttons
  • Installing new floors of the latest designs and implying fresh paint
  • Deconstruct older walls to built new ones


Indeed, you would like to have a comfortable and charming sleeping place. Therefore, you want to upgrade your bedroom after using it for years. You can apply for restoration loans to borrow between $7000 and $15,000. Here is what you can do:

  • Installing new wardrobe
  • Updating lights and power connections
  • Latest-designed flooring and paints or wallpapers

Home extensions

Many individuals want to extend their homes. Some of them apply for home repair mortgage as it will require a higher amount than usual. It depends upon what type of extension you want.

Here is the estimate cost according to the level of extension:

  • Small home extension of up to $200k
  • Medium level of home extension of up to $350k
  • Large home extension of up to $500k

What are the best home improvement financing options?

You must be clear in your plans to decide which type of major home repair you need. Once you do that, you should be clear with the right loan amount and term. Subsequently, your next analysis should be on the different options available on housing repair loans.

Analyzing varied loan options becomes more important if you want to do kitchen or bathroom renovation. However you have to decide on the best option, but you must be curious to know how many types of maintenance loans are available. These may include:

Personal Loans

If you want a smaller repayment term, like up to 3 years, a personal loan for home repair might be a better option to consider. A personal loan is a funding option that can be used for any financial purpose, and home renovation is no exception. However, you have to decide on a secured or unsecured personal loan option.

A secured loan will give you the advantage of lower interest rates, but you have to secure the loan with an asset. In contrast, an unsecured loan does not need any asset, but the interest rate will be higher.

You can choose between fixed and flexible interest rates as per your affordability. The lenders recommended at Zeolitefunds offer large or small personal loans in Texas and any other city with the variety of features. It may include no early repayment charges and no upfront fees.

Home Equity Loans

If you have equity at your home, you can seek home equity loans for home repair funding. However, it requires that equity or some part of it be used as the loan security. With this, you can borrow large amount and for a longer term. In addition, interest rates will also going to be lower. Home equity loans are the best option to increase the home value.

There is a task, too, where you have to pay off the amount of equity you possess quickly. It will further increase the repayment amount as you have to manage the monthly loan installment as well. Still, you can manage it as the value of your home will also boost.

For example, suppose you have borrowed $40,000 through home equity loans for the renovation. Later, it will raise the worth of your home up to $60,000. It means you have made $20,000, which you can use to pay off the debts incurred while financing for home improvements.

Short-term Loans

Sometimes, you need a smaller amount for minor home renovation. Many people make the mistake of borrowing larger funding despite the need for little improvement. You should not do this. Instead, our lenders offer short-term loans for small home repairs. It will be a wise decision because you can pay off the loan early and focus more on your regular finances.

The interest rates will be higher, but you can calm them down by bringing a personal guarantee. However, lenders may not need collateral to offer you a small amount. Therefore, these are risk-free funding options, too. Credit score may not be the barrier. If it is decent, then there will be no problem. In case of bad credit profiles, we suggest you only those creditors offering short-term home repair loans for bad credit on instant approval.

Installment Loans

There is another way to finance your home improvement. You can apply for personal installment loans online. Yes, it can be a suitable credit source as you can manage the loan installments without disturbing your regular expenses. These loans are accessible for smaller and larger amounts. You can opt for long-term installment loans to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Otherwise, choose short-term installment loans to cover up small improvement costs.

Our panel of lenders offers only affordable installment funding. It means you get the amount manageable from your monthly earning. It will also pave the way for credit score improvement.

What do you compare to emergency home repair loans?

Comparing different loan options is essential to get the best emergency home repair assistance. However, it largely depends upon the individual circumstances and requirements.

Here is what you should compare to obtain the best home repair funding.

Loan Features What to compare?
Loan amount and term You should compare how much you can borrow for a specific period.
Comparison rate It reflects the actual loan cost, which includes relevant fees and charges to repay the borrowed amount.
Loan type You should compare the features of varied loan types, such as secured or unsecured and variable or fixed interest rate loans.
Loan interest rate Compare the rates of several lenders and judge how much interest is manageable for your monthly income.
Other fees Other charges like early repayment, establishment, and late payment or default fees should be evaluated.

Apart from these factors, you should compare the eligibility requirements, particularly when you apply for emergency home repair loans with bad credit. These may include:

  • You should be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a permanent citizen of the USA
  • Currently employed (either full-time or part-time)
  • Your name should not be on default or bankruptcy

Every lender has its specific qualifying criteria. Once you qualify for the loans, you have the choice of choosing mainstream creditors like banks or online lenders offering a wide range of bad credit home repair loans.

Why choose Zeolitefunds for a personal home loan for repairs?

How to finance home repairs? It is among the most important decisions that you have to make. Zeolitefunds is always here to support you in finding the best financing solution. We can recommend over 100+ lenders, and they are known for offering loan benefits like competitive interest rates, flexible repayments, and a modernized application process. If you want zero-interest home improvement loans, you have to communicate directly with the lender.

We understand renovating a home can be a costly affair and can be stressful at times. We want to assist in relaxing a bit of that burden by discovering effective financial options such as low-income home repair loans.

We have a team of experienced loan experts who work with you to search and compare the loans that meet your requirements. We walk every step with you and answer all your loan queries while applying.

With Zeolitefunds, you will have peace of mind as you are working with a trustworthy broker to get loans for fixing up a house. You receive an assured solution to finance home repair, and we also assist Americans in finding out the deals on emergency moving loans in New York, Florida, California, and many more cities.


How much can you draw out with home repair loans?

To get an idea about the borrowing amount, peek into your personal situation and the type of home refurbishment you are doing. The repair work might vary from minor to major, as well as the loan amount. The condition and location of the property are also critical in getting you a fair amount. It can vary from 80% to 95% of the purchase value of the property, including the cost of home repair. With a guarantor, you can draw out 100% of the price of the home and the construction cost.

What are the advantages of getting loans for home repair?

The biggest motivation behind getting a loan for renovation purposes is to avail of upfront access to money that you do not have currently. That’s not all! Find more advantages that these loans provide.

  • No fussy application procedure
  • Navigate a wide network of lenders
  • On-time money to your checking account upon approval
  • Better exposure to choose loans with feasible rates
  • Face no problem with bad credit for home repair loans

Who should think of getting a house repair loan?

Anyone who owns a home or is planning to purchase a new one can apply for these loans without any hesitation. Check how much equity is available in your home so that you can get the desired amount. Having a licensed builder by your side if you have already taken out 95% of the property value is beneficial in letting you fetch more amount of loans. If you are doing the construction work yourself with contractors, you might be asked to produce a guarantor.

Are there risks involved in getting emergency home repair loans?

If you plan well ahead of starting the repair work, you might not have to face financial hiccups midway. You can approach the bank for a loan extension, but the outcome might disappoint you. In addition, you can consider getting in touch with a lender, but they may charge you high fees if you have not researched well. Bid adieu to these complexities by speaking to a specialist broker like us through info@Zeolitefunds.com

What tips to remember for a smooth home repair experience?

Borrowing for home repair is sometimes a tricky task. Before going for this option, we suggest you pay off any sort of debt by finding a deal here on debt consolidation loans for bad credit.

Do not confuse a home repair loan with the process of getting other loans, as some considerations are going to be very distinct and exclusive.

  • Search for properties in stable growth markets
  • Find properties with prices quoted less than the market value
  • Ensure that the new property demands fewer repair works
  • Understand the norms for home repair by talking to your local council
  • Contact a broker whenever you are in a dilemma to manage funds effectively