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Our panels of lenders are known for offering personal loans on pre-approval if your credit profile is good. They can offer you loans starting from $1000 to $80000 for a maximum duration of 84 months. The interest rates start from 4.99%, and we will be there to get the best deal with the most affordable rates.

Once you have your deal on personal loans, you can utilize the availed credit to fulfill multiple purposes. These include:

What is the definition of personal loans?

Personal loans form a major part of financial products, offered as significant financial help for individuals needing cash to accomplish their personal needs or desires. You can apply for either a secured or unsecured loan and choose the repayment term between 12 months to 84 months.

The loan aspirants and providers discuss with each other to finalize the loan amount and repayment schedule. Besides, the loan installments are paid in a fixed monthly payment. A few basics will remain the same whether you approach banks or seek help from the private lenders. If you are unaware of those basics, it will always better to obtain personal loans through a broker.

With technological advancements, getting approval on these loans has become quick and easy. Many credit providers in California or other locations prefer online applications these days. It is beneficial for the borrowers to receive an instant fund transfer once approved.


With everything available conveniently, you still need to consider various things such as fees, extra charges, interest rates and many more before deciding anything.

How can personal loans be classified into varied types?

A personal loan is not a single funding product in itself. Instead, it has been categorized by the loan providers into several categories. After analyzing your loan affordability, current needs, and repayment capacity, you can choose any of them.

Here are the different types of personal loans in Texas (or you can say that almost every part of the USA):

Fixed and Variable
Personal Loans

Loans with a fixed interest rate mean your interest repayment will remain exactly what you signed in the initial loan contract. It further clarifies that your loan interest will not rise or drop during the loan term. However this option may seem costly, but useful in managing your monthly budget strictly.

On the other hand, loans with variable interest rates fluctuate according to market trends. The interest rates may be increased, but they may also go down. These loans are beneficial in making pre-payments or extra repayments to close the loan early.

Short-term and Long-term Personal Loans

Small personal loans often carry high-interest rates but have several benefits too. For instance, you can opt for them during a financial emergency and get fast funding. You can also pay off your loan early and manage your household budget more efficiently.

Long-term personal loans are more beneficial in terms of lower interest rates and the provision of fetching larger money for a longer duration. These loans suit more to your considerable financial ends that will take more time to complete.

Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans

Secured loans, just like long-term loans, have the leverage of a more secure credit option when you have a significant goal to achieve. To apply for these loans, you must use an asset like a car or home to secure the borrowed amount. It is less risky for the loan company as it can repossess the asset if you default.

In contrast, unsecured loans are more appropriate for financial urgencies. Since no collateral is involved, you can get approval early and use the funds straightway to your funding needs. However, these credit options have higher interest rates than secured loans, and their term is usually smaller.

How do I compare personal loans with bad credit?


A credit score is an essential part of the loan process. If it is good, you can receive the loan approval. If it is below 600, your chances are very limited. Each credit provider has its own rules and regulations for those with poor credit. Some lenders impose strict norms, while a few are flexible enough to allow personal loans for bad credit on guaranteed approval.

We bring those lenders to your favor and do everything we can to relax you during the bad credit situation. However, you still need to be careful, and it would be better to compare various deals before deciding on the best one.

  • Compare interest rates: Your first step should be to compare the personal loan rates of various lenders. Despite your low credit score, we will guide you in finding out the low-interest rate on personal loans from a responsible loan lender.
  • Check fees and charge: Everything will be in control if you have good or fair credit. Problems arise when you struggle with lower credit ratings. Many lenders offer loans but with heavy upfront charges or additional fees. We keep our search away from them and choose only those lenders who offer loans with no upfront fees.
  • Flexibility of the loans: You should compare loan deals based on their flexibility. Consider various points like - is there any provision for early repayment? Can you close off the loan before its end date? Can you get more relaxation on interest rates with bad credit?
  • Determine the loan term: You need to be too much specific about the loan term. If you keep the term longer, the overall interest rate will be higher. If you keep loan term shorter, the overall interest rate will be low but monthly installments will be high.
  • Clarify if fast approval is there: We know personal loans are useful for multiple purposes, and one of them is a financial emergency. While comparing the deals, you should look for a deal where there is always a possibility of personal loans for bad credit on instant approval.

The credit score problem has been a lot in the cities like Las Vegas. Therefore, we have specialized in our search where you can get bad credit personal loans on guaranteed approval up to $5000.

What are the pros and cons of personal loans?

Personal loans are useful if you want a stable solution and use them as emergency loans during larger purchases. Nevertheless, there may also be some disadvantages of personal loans, which you cannot ignore and should be aware of. Let us discuss what are the possible pros and cons.

Advantages of Personal Loans

Here are the advantages which you can gain after getting approval on personal loans:

  • Use loans for any purpose: Personal loans are suitable for your financial purpose. It is very unlike mortgages or auto loans, whose sole purpose is to obtain funding. In contrast, you get these loans to purchase a laptop or to fund your holidays in scenic destinations like Georgia, San Antonio or any other.
  • A significant amount is available to borrow: Other small loans restrict you in the loan amount. On the other hand, getting approval on a guaranteed basis for personal loans, then it can give you a chance to borrow up to $80000.
  • Competitive interest rates: Everyone knows personal loans are the most widespread form of borrowing. Thus, there is always competition between the lenders, which results in keeping the interest rates well in favor of the borrowers.
  • No compulsion to place an asset: Personal loans have direct or indirect nature of flexibility. Yes, you can apply for the loans without keeping anything as security. Interest rates may be higher, but loan approval will be there.

Disadvantages of Personal Loans

Sometimes, deals involve high risk on personal loans if advertising with guaranteed approval. You should be aware of it and other disadvantages like:

  • High-interest rates: If you are applying for loans with poor credit scores, you will get higher interest rates. This will also happen when you apply for loans with no assets to place as loan security.
  • Interest always remains: One disadvantage of a personal loan is paying interest on each monthly installment. It makes loans costly and increases the burden on your monthly budget.

How do I qualify to apply for a personal loan?

As the responsible credit broker, we keep our search around those lenders who are ready to offer you personal loans online. It allows you to get the desired funding much quicker without indulging in too many formalities. Still, there is some specific process that you need to follow.

Before explaining the loan process, we suggest you to opt for those deals where you can pre-qualify for personal loans. It paves the way for smooth approval with no hassle at all. Suppose your credit score is not good. You can show the strength of your monthly income and its capacity to pay the loan interest rate.

Personal Loans
  • Your age should be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • You must be a US citizen having permanent residence or keep a valid visa
  • You should be a working person and receive regular monthly income
  • You must be earning a minimum income needed for the loans
  • Having a good credit rating is a plus point, but approval may be on poor credit too
Documents need to provide
(depend upon the lender)
  • Identity proof as a passport or driving license
  • Proof of your monthly income and overall employment like salary slips and tax returns
  • Documents related to any pending debts or financial commitments
  • If you are applying for a secured personal loan, then complete the details of the assets
  • A complete credit report, if prepared, otherwise it is not mandatory
How do
Personal Loans Work
  • You need to decide the loan amount and term as per your affordability
  • Visit the lender’s website that we have chosen for you
  • Fill out an online form with the given mandatory details and carefully submit it
  • Wait for the loan quotes from the lender’s end, and once received, analyze it and confirm it
  • Receive instant decision and same-day funding

Suggestion: We select only those lenders who do soft credit checks on the applicants’ credit profiles. There will be no mark of a credit check on your financial record. If you have difficulty getting a lender’s nod on your bad credit, you can share this with us, and we will suggest the loan companies where you can apply for joint personal loans. However, your co-signer or co-borrower should have a good credit score.

Mistakes to avoid before applying for a personal loan

The primary reason to opt for our financial assistance is to apply for a loan without mistakes before choosing any lender or a deal. Our financial experts are well-qualified to prevent you from high-risk personal loans and suggest only genuine loans making the way for guaranteed approval from lenders. You will be able to get most relevant loan offers by having our guidance.

Here are some mistakes which you can make before and after applying:

  • Applying for an amount more than your affordability

    Banks or private creditors are advertising their personal loans with a large amount to borrow. Still, it does not mean that you can choose any amount. It will be harmful to your personal finance. Therefore, finalize the amount quite affordable without going beyond your actual needs.

  • You are not making any improvement in your spending

    You will apply for a loan, which means you will have another debt. If you keep doing unplanned spending, it will become a hassle in your financial life. You may struggle to arrange money from your monthly income to manipulate over loan monthly installments and daily houseful budget.

  • Being careless in your loan repayments

    Another mistake to avoid is to be careless in your loan repayments. You have got the best deal available by having our guidance. Now, you will be responsible for paying back each installment on time without delay or miss. It will be good for your credit score and its improvement.

  • Opting for a deal where high interest rate is there

    If you do not follow our suggestions and do not compare the loan deals, you may trap yourself in a deal where a high-interest rate is there. Avoid this by pursuing what we advise you and getting the best offer with a low-interest rate on personal loans from trustworthy credit broker in the USA.

Seeking for the best personal loan? Choose Zeolitefunds

Here at Zeolitefunds, we offer our clients all the strength and guidance to apply for a personal loan and to get money to accomplish their aspirations. The lenders we choose for you will allow you to use loans for any purpose, and their process is relatively simple to complete. You can expect our chosen lenders to ensure personal loans with no origination fees.

At Zeolitefunds, we treat our customers most appropriately, as we know everything that can benefit them greatly. For instance, most of the time, our focus is on deals with no income verification. As a responsible loan broker, we are committed to searching for the best opportunities available in the US lending market.

Here are our salient features:

  • An in-depth search for the lenders
  • Dedicated team always prioritizes your loan aspirations
  • Fast online application to bring immediate results

Whether you are sitting at Houston, Hawaii, New York or any other location at the USA, say YES to our dedicated financial assistance. Call us or apply here to find the best lender with the best deal.

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Is it mandatory to use personal loans calculator?

Using the personal loan calculator is not mandatory but is a good practice. It gives you a clear idea of how much you will have to pay in interest rates and monthly installments on a particular loan deal. Doing this will help you choose only the affordable loan, which you can easily pay from your monthly income. You can seek our help anytime if any confusion occurs while using the calculator.

Are personal loans practical for business purposes?

Personal loans are among the easiest financial solutions to solve problems in your personal financial life. It means they are not for business purposes. The rules and regulations change when loans are applied for business needs, from interest rates to repayments, documents to credit scores, etc. If you still need a business loan, it would be better to opt for specialized deals like business loans with no personal guarantee, as we know lenders providing them.

Personal loans vs Payday loans. What are the main differences?

Personal loans are the most widely used funding sources, and they can be applied with either secured or unsecured options. No issue about your credit rating; you can get the approval based on your income. These loans are available for larger amounts and for a longer duration.

On the other hand, payday loans are among the form of personal loans. These loans are also used for any financial purpose but always have higher interest rates. These are unsecured loans only and are available through online mode. Payday loans are comparatively smaller in amount and shorter in term.

Is there any possibility of personal loans with no credit check?

Going for a deal where personal loans with no credit check are advertised will be risky. As a responsible credit broker, we keep you away from such deals and find out only those reliable lenders who are providing loans with soft credit checks. You need to understand that a credit check is a good thing if it is a softer one. With this, lenders can ensure affordable deals only, which are convenient from your monthly earnings.

Can I seek personal loans for a maximum of 15 years?

Getting personal loans for a maximum term of 15 years is very rare. Mostly, these loans are accessible for 10 years. We do not disappoint you if you need the loan term more than 10 years. We are under the communication of some lenders who can offer personal installment loans till 15 years duration. However, the overall interest rates will be higher since the term has extended.

Do you have lenders providing personal loans for unemployed?

Yes, of course. We have a wide panel of lenders offering personal loans for unemployed. These will be short-term loans where a small amount is available to borrow and for a shorter duration. You can get the approval based on your monthly income or benefits from the US government. It is advisable to choose only an affordable loan deal, and you can always contact us to get the same.