Specialized deals on home improvement loans for any project

Your home is like heaven for you. You definitely feel proud when you took the ownership of your home. Over the years, you have been thinking of bringing some modifications to represent it the best to your guests. The primary purpose is to add more comfort for your family and to reside with more joy. However, change is essential, or upgrades are mandatory, but all these things require a significant amount of money.

Do you know home improvement and renovation is a costly affair? It is where Zeolitefunds can be a helpful destination for you to find the specialized home improvement loans that suit your project.

Whether you need a complete home improvement or bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor area, you can feel relaxed as we are here to find only the best deals from responsible creditors. Get the funds you require for the project. Submit your online query here and contact our team now.

At Zeolitefunds, we are the responsible loan broker and have built up an extensive network of lenders providing home improvement loans in Texas, New York, Georgia, Florida, and many other places in the USA. Besides these loans, we are also a specialist in debt consolidation loans, wedding loans, and others.

Features of Home Improvement Loans

It will be a delight for homeowners if they can increase the value of their homes. And it can be possible with getting loans for necessary home upgradation.


We find only those loan offers for you which are affordable and friendly to your pocket. Our lenders do not disturb you with unnecessary costing and upfront charges.


Our chosen loan deals give you the leverage of repaying the loan early without any penalty. Besides, you can have a buffer period if you miss any payment date.

What is a home improvement loan, and what it includes?

A home improvement loan is a secured or unsecured personal loan, which individuals apply to make necessary or voluntary improvements to their homes or investment properties. One can get these loans from traditional lending institutions like banks or online loan companies in the USA. Our job is to analyze your needs, compile the lenders’ name and research for the best loans for home improvement.

It is the home where you share unforgettable moments with your family. You want to embellish it such that everyone would like to visit. However, after a decade, the pattern and design of your home got outdated, and suddenly, it lost its charm, as it was in the initial days.

Updating the house is what most Americans prefer from time to time. When it comes to home improvement, there are some standard projects for which we have received the maximum number of loan applications. These include:

  • Extension of ground floor
  • Soundproofing arrangements
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Air-conditioned fittings
  • Interior upgradation
  • Upper floor construction
  • Repair roof and tiles
  • Garden landscaping
  • Swimming pool
  • Bathroom renovation

Many individuals want to move their home instead of renovating it. We undoubtedly provide home moving loans, but we suggest you stay with the home renovation option. We are committed to easy funding that allows you to alter your current house fast whatever you are expecting from the new one.

What are the most costly home improvements?

The levels of home improvement differ according to the situation. Some only need paint or small modification, while some home improvement demands heavy materials. For the latter one, you may need to employ plumbers, electricians, and builders. Therefore, this will prove too expensive, and with limited savings, you want home improvement loans on interest rates, which should be affordable.

To explain it more precisely, here are some of the home improvements which have proved costlier most of the time.

  • A fresh Roof: It is a significant home improvement that needs enough money. Your old roof has been damaged, and repairing it becomes extremely necessary, considering your family's safety. Sometimes, it becomes an urgent repair. Therefore, you can look for low interest on home improvement loans through our guidance.

  • Kitchen Renovation: It has been found that kitchen remodeling or renovation has been highly costlier than any other type of home upgradation. It can demand thousands of dollars, which you need to arrange as it is sometimes complicated due to the materials used and the kitchen size.

  • Bathroom Amendment: Another costly home improvement is the bathroom renovation. Again, the size of the bathroom, materials, sanitary fittings, and much more matter a lot while considering its complete renovation. Remember, bathroom renewal is the most significant factor that puts into the value of your property. Therefore, get the loans and do it with perfection.

Which home improvements do not contribute to my property’s value?

You may think that all types of home improvements raise the value of your abode. It may be factual but there is another reality. Do not feel surprised to know that not all renovations contribute to your property’s value. As the responsible home improvement loans broker, we are going to tell you which improvements you can avoid. These include:-

  • Rooms to join together: If you want to remove a wall between two rooms, you should know that this will not have too much significance. It may increase space and light in your home, but this also reduces the number of rooms, which affects the property's value.
  • Fittings related to furniture: If you want to refurbish your home furniture by changing its color or wood material, then it will not make any huge impact on your home value. The potential buyers of your home may not have the same taste as you have in that type of furniture. Therefore, they ask for low rates to which you won’t agree.
  • Swimming pools: You have been delighted to have a swimming pool at your large home. Your kids are enjoying it too much, and, of course, you are also. However, a swimming pool requires high maintenance and becomes hard to remove later. You can only stay with it until you are living at this home.
  • Renovations those are prohibited: It is very essential part of home improvement. Suppose you want to increase the numbers of rooms available at your home, but the local council is not approving it. Consequently, it does not add more to the property’s rate even with added rooms.

What are the varieties of home improvement loans to apply for?

You are desperate to have a necessary upgradation but struggling to find out the best way to get a home improvement loan. Why overthink when you have Zeolitefunds to back you while searching for the most suitable deal? Considering your current circumstances and types of improvements, you can choose among these types of finance options:

Unsecured Personal Loans

These are perhaps the easiest funding options to consider for a home improvement. You are not required to put any asset against the loan, and the amount can quickly reach your bank account. However, you will have to bear higher interest rates for this.

Secured Personal Loans

These loans are for longer duration and larger amounts. You can consider significant home improvements and repay the borrowed credit in easy monthly installments. The interest rates will be lower as you have put collateral against the loan.


If you have already indulged in the mortgage, you can think of remortgaging it for the purpose of home renovation. You will have extra cash to utilize for the improvement. If you have equity at your home, then you are more gainful.

Green Loans

It is also a personal loan dedicated to environment-friendly or green home upgradation. Since it is suited to nature, lenders tend to keep the interest rates relatively lower, and repayments are also on the flexible side. You can obtain the funds and repay for up to 10 years.

Installment Loans

If you want to get a home improvement loan but on affordable installments, then you have another option to consider. We are talking about specialized installment loans. In these types of loans, the monthly loan payment will remain fixed, giving you the advantage of managing your household budgets more efficiently.

I have bad credit. What to compare to getting a home improvement loan?

Comparison of various deals is intrinsic to getting the best home improvement loan rates. It becomes more critical for those with poor credit scores. It gives you a clear idea of how much you should apply for, for how many months, and the interest rates.

Let us dig more into this discussion by going through vital points while comparing deals on home improvement loans with bad credit.

  • Kind of loan: Pre-decide what type of home improvement loan you need. It can be compared if you are clear regarding the amount and duration. Some loans may carry high interest that you can avoid. Occasionally, personal loans are more beneficial than mortgages.
  • Your purpose: Are you clear about your loan purpose? If not, then you need to do this as early as possible. Sometimes, you need a single upgradation like your kitchen or outdoors, but in other situations, you want multiple improvements. Decide it and then share it with your lender.
  • Loan charges: You should not get trapped in a costly loan deal. It is where you need our helping hand. We suggest only those lenders who charge interest rates and do not include any upfront charges. Doing it alone may be risky as you are inexperienced in knowing the lending market.
  • Loan Repayments: You want home renovation with the help of a loan. Once availing the desired funds, you must be sincere in repaying them. Therefore, we will search hard to bring only those deals from reliable creditors who can promise flexible repayments on home improvement loans for bad credit to keep up their cash flow to manage other expenses.
  • Your affordability: Finally, the most vital point to consider is to analyze your affordability. Remember that reliable lenders prefer to offer loans that you can afford. If you are good on this point, they can confidently provide guaranteed home improvement loans for bad credit.

How do home improvement loans work?

Now, you have done the comparison by using the home improvement loans calculator. You know the amount, duration, and many more things, which is good for your loan approval chances. However, the approval comes later, but before that, you have to apply for the loans. To guide you on this, we explain the loan criteria and procedure here.

Home Improvement
Loan Eligibility
  • Your age should be between 18 years and 65 years
  • A citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America (USA)
  • You should have a good credit score, but people with poor credit can also qualify
  • You should be in regular employment (some lenders may agree on part-time income)
  • Identity proof (passport or driving license)
  • Address proof like bank statement or utility bill
  • Income proof with company’s name and contact information
  • Proof of home ownership or home equity
  • Documents of unclear debts related to loans or credit cards
How to Get a
Home Improvement Loan
  • Compare lenders, products, fees, and interest rates
  • Go to the lender’s site and start filling out an online application form
  • Share the scan copy of needed documents with no false information
  • Complete the process and get quick funds to your account

Why compare home improvement loans with Zeolitefunds?

We give you multiple reasons to select us as your home improvement loan broker. You will have genuine deals with no extra dollars to pay. Like our online lenders, you only need to lodge an online request on our website, and our representatives quickly approach you.

  • Free consultation: We do not charge any consultation fees from loan seekers. Instead, we generate income from the loan providers. Everything will be free from loan search to implementation, proving loans more affordable to you via Zeolitefunds.
  • Expert of home improvement loans: We have been an expert in home renovation loans for the last four years. We communicate with hundreds of lenders providing those loans, and you will get the name of only those providing cheap rates.
  • 24/7 Help: We are always ready to help you get the most affordable and best loans for home improvement. We will talk to the selected lender on your behalf and try to finalize the more manageable rates according to your monthly budget.

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Can I expect no credit check on a home improvement loan?

Some lenders in the US loan marketplace guarantee home improvement loans with no credit checks. We responsibly say that we do not believe in those loan offers as they look attractive to read but later prove harmful to your credit profile. Instead, you should choose a deal among the many we have brought for you. These loan companies will conduct only a soft credit check, which remains away from your credit profile.

Home improvement loan vs home equity loan. Which one to consider?

A home improvement loan is a good option for single or multiple home alterations. Depending upon your capacity, You can apply for an unsecured or secured loan. It involves reasonable interest rates. On the other hand, a home equity loan is also a good option. It has more affordable rates if you own the equity at your home. Moreover, you can move on to the remortgage option with equity. This provision will not exist if you have no equity in your home.

Are there any specific deals on home improvement loans for seniors?

We have a panel of lenders who offer specialized home improvement loans for seniors. They will have more affordable interest rates according to their income status. However, senior citizens may not have the loans for longer duration and larger amounts, as they have limited income. Moreover, we suggest those creditors who can offer mobile loans for home improvements so that senior citizens do not need to travel anywhere to have a loan.

What is the reality behind 0% interest home improvement loans?

There is nothing to doubt about zero-interest home improvement loans. Non-profit organizations and state or local government bodies offer these loans. They offer this option to give entire money to complete the home improvement or renovation. These are not available for purchasing a new property or financing the construction. Most creditors offer this to individuals with low income to manage the home upgradation expense.

Should I need a guarantor to get a home improvement loan for bad credit?

You can increase the loan amount or lower the interest rate by having a guarantor while applying for a home improvement loan with bad credit. However, the guarantor should have a good credit score and be a homeowner. At the same time, we have a list of some lenders who can accept loan applications with no guarantor. With these deals, the interest rates will be higher, and the loan amount and term will be small.